Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pole Barn Day 8- Shingles

Today was the last day of our work week.  Our goal was to finish the shingles, but unfortunately we couldn't quite do it.  We did get a little over half done.  I don't mind shingling on something of my own, but I definitely wouldn't want to do it for a living.  It was amazing how hot it got up there even on a mild December day.

Well once again, we underestimated how long a project would take.  That's okay though because we're going to finish it up next week.  We did put in a full days work everyday and enjoyed a beer or two together.  Thanks so much to Papa, who I couldn't have done any of this without.

Until next time.....  

Pole Barn Day 7- Finish Sheathing, Eves, and T111

This morning was a little chilly so we started off with a fire.  Once we warmed up we finished the sheathing.  We made some cheaters along the roof we could lean on which were used for the rest of the roofing operation.  Once the sheathing was done we moved on to the eves and T111.  This definitely put a finishing look to the building.   Before we knew it, it was getting dark again so we threw up one section of felt paper to get a head start on tomorrow.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pole Barn Day 6- Sheathing

Today we started hanging the sheathing.  We thought yesterday was tricky, ha!  Today was TRICKY!  The roof was a little steeper than we realized.  I had to bust out my monkey skills traversing through the trusses to secure the sheathing.  Papa had another close call when his ladder fell off of a chunk of wood it was balancing on.  Luckily it only fell a few inches and he was fine.  We got about 3/4 of the sheathing finished and had another fun successful day.

Pole Barn Day 5- Braces & Trusses

Today we installed our braces and finally got to hang our trusses we worked so hard on.  It was a little tricky getting them from the ground to the top of the 2x6's, but after a few we were pros.  Well, some of us were pros.  Papa managed to move a ladder twice with objects on top of them that in turn smashed his noggin.  One was a drill and one was a hammer.  Luckily Papa has a good hard head and they bounced right off.  He also got a truss in the head that was swinging back towards the ground because I let it go.  Whoops!  Papa wasn't the only one to injure himself today.  I tried to adjust a truss by hitting it over with my hand but instead hit the end of a nail at full speed.  By the end of the day all of the trusses were up but not without a little blood, sweat and bruises!  

Pole Barn Day 4- Finish Trusses and install 2x6's

Today we finished our truss building and installed our 2x6's.  We deviated from our original design for our final two trusses so we can put a light, vent, and T111 on the outside of the building.

Pole Barn Day 3- Finish Posts and Trusses

Today we finished setting our remaining 3 posts and continued working on our trusses.  We couldn't quite finish them up, but we did manage to knock out 10 of them.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pole Barn Day 2- Trusses

The weather was terrible today so we decided to build some trusses in the garage.  We built a jig out of 2 sheets of plywood and blocks so we could make all of the trusses the exact same.  Each 2x4 is cut then the joints are secured on both sides with plywood and finishing nails to hold it all together until the wood glue dries.  After a run to the store for more plywood and modifying our jig, we only got 2 trusses made.  Another fun day!  I learned a lot about truss building.